It’s more than just your window to the world, it’s your whole platform, vision, and voice. It’ll be where people will go to find out what you’re all about and whether or not they’ll donate, volunteer or even vote for you. More and more people turn to the web to do the bulk of their research before election day. That means your social media needs to be on point. Your website needs to be search engine optimized. Your donation button needs to actually work—the first time. Essentially everything about you, your brand, and what you stand for needs to be succinct, on message, and reflective of what’s in it for your potential supporter or constituent. If your mailer and print is the name id and brand awareness you need, then your website and digital presence is the next to last stop before someone fills in a little bubble on a Scantron sheet with your name after it. And it’s extremely important you get it right.