Did you know in 2018 there are more men named Mike in the Michigan Legislature than there are elected women?

When Minority Leader, Christine Greig approached us to help bring her fund to life to help get more women elected to the legislature, how could we refuse? We created a full soup-to-nuts integrated campaign featuring women finishing the statement, “Why I Lead.” Because for a lot of people who run for office, the answers are all different, compelling, and yet equally important. And in a time when more women are answering the call than ever, we wanted to make sure we featured their stories.

We redesigned the GWILF website, and to drive traffic there, built out a full 6-month social media content calendar around interviews with women running around the state. Then we partnered with Reel Clever Films to create beautifully produced videos for boosted posts. All this culminating in a panel, screening, and fundraiser after the August primary at The Maple Theater in Birmingham to support something we should all get be able to get behind—more women representing us in government. The results spoke for themselves—increased engagement on the GWILF’s social media spaces, tons of small donations over time that added up to over $45,000 for the fund to give back to campaigns, and over half of her featured candidates elected to office—a record in Michigan.