Take ones. Walk lit. Pamphlets. Direct mail. Stickers. Door hangers. Newspaper ads. Mirror clings. Invitations. Whatever needs to be printed for your campaign, it’s important. It’s what they’ll hold onto after you’re gone or it’s what they’ll see first if you missed them at the door. It’s what needs to cut through the clutter in the mailbox. And the design, the message, it’s what needs to get the word out for you. And sometimes, depending on the budget, it’s the only thing a candidate has.

Creating compelling lit and take ones that have a sticky factor (meaning people hold onto them for a little bit) means your name or issue becomes a reminder. And you want that when they go to the polls. We’ve created LOTS of print over the last two years. And we have a great relationship with printers like Allied Media of Fenton, a fully union, veteran-owned business so you can rest assured that whatever you print will be in good hands.

Funny story: Lit we designed for David Hamilton, running for Troy City Council, was so well done by us, that an opposing candidate copied it (and did a terrible job). Luckily, David was victorious and the copy cat was soundly defeated.