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We worked alongside Unite Here Local 24, the nation’s largest hospitality worker’s union, to create a 360 campaign to help support their friend and fellow union member, Charlesetta Wilson and her bid for the 6th House District.

Because they’re a PAC, we could not work directly with the candidate herself, but the love for Charley we received from her friends was so overwhelming that we knew we needed to feature her supporters as her champions and advocates to get to the State House. 

Detroit United was also a new PAC as of June 1st—with no brand recognition or name ID. We were tasked with not only getting the word out about Charlesetta, but also creating something out of nothing with very little time to go until the August 7th Primary. 

We created holistic materials starting with a simple video and photoshoot featuring her supporters. From there we had what we needed to create the website and social media pages. From this foundation we ran a very robust and diverse media campaign leveraging print mailers, social media, SEM, Spotify, YouTube, and digital placements. 

When it was all said and done within a months time, we generated over 297,000 impressions with Google and YouTube, reached 20,808 people on Facebook, garnished 224,350 impressions through digital, and served 81,471 ads on Spotify. Unfortunately, Charlesetta lost her bid. But we took a nameless candidate in a pack of 11 people vying for the same seat to within 266 votes of victory in a months time—no small feat.